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8 Life Lessons Learned From Gilmore Girls

Lorelai and Rory have definitively been the most iconic mother-daughter duo to grace a television set since their October 2000 debut in Gilmore Girls. Through fast-paced, witty conversation, these two caught the hearts of their audience and have become an intrinsic and beloved part of many homes and mother-daughter relationships, such as my own. Here are the 8 valuable life lessons I have learned by growing up watching this dynamic duo.

8 Life Lessons from Gilmore Girls

1.The people who are toughest to love need it the most

We first meet Paris when Rory starts Chilton. The two come head-to-head many times, much to the frustration of Rory. Over the years, Rory becomes the only true friend Paris has, as she sees more and more of the other sides of her. The two end up rooming together in Yale, where Paris is no easier to deal with. Rory’s relationship with Paris shows us that especially difficult people can be vulnerable too, and they need a friend as much as anyone else.

2.There is someone out there for everyone

In Stars Hollow, you can find many oddball pairs. Babette and Morey are a prime example. As are Kirk and Lulu, T.J. and Liz, and just a little outside of Stars Hollow, Paris and Doyle. No matter how weird you are (we’re looking at you, Kirk) there’s a good chance you’ll find someone to match your weird.

3.The heart wants what it wants

When Rory finds herself attracted to bad boy Jess while still dating sweetheart Dean, Lorelai tells her that she can’t always control who’s she attracted to and who she wants. This was an experience that Rory needed in her life. The same goes for the rest of us, you can’t fight your feelings. If your heart wants something, go and get it. Staying in a situation only because it feels familiar or because you feel obligated is not fair to anyone involved.

4.Embrace your weird

No one can keep up with Lorelai Gilmore. No one except Lorelai Gilmore #2 of course. Off-center humor and references to movies that nobody but Lorelai understands is part of her charm. Lorelai shows us all how to be true to yourself and have a little fun with everything. She is unapologetically herself in every aspect of her life.

5.A good sense of humor and wit can get you through anything

Lorelai’s quirky sense of humor is present in even the most inappropriate situations. In her interactions with her parents, her sarcasm becomes coping mechanism for her that simultaneously drives her mother insane. While she might be caught without any clean clothes on Rory’s first day of school, she’s never caught without her wit.

6.It’s important to learn to take risks

When Rory meets Logan, he opens a door to a new life for her. From her first daring experience at the Life and Death Brigade, to stealing a yacht, Logan brought excitement into her life. No one really needs to be as wild as Logan is before Rory, but a little bit of a wild side makes life interesting.

7.Your life won’t always go as planned and that’s okay

Exhibit A would be Rory’s birth. Lorelai never planned to get pregnant, but it brought her the gift of a best friend. If Rory had gone to Harvard as planned, she never would have met Logan. Temporarily dropping out of Yale was also never part of the plan. Life throws us around sometimes, in directions that are unfamiliar. Everything that happens to you is leading you to somewhere new in your life. Not everything will be peachy, but learn to roll with the punches regardless.

8.There is no greater bond than that of a mother and daughter

A mother is someone who endures 9 long months of carrying you inside her, then suffers through child labor, only to spend the next 18+ years paying for everything for you, cooking for you, cleaning for you, and taking care of you. A mother doesn’t stop loving you. Even when things are rough, even if you don’t talk for years, she will always think of you on your birthday. She will always remember the first time you smiled at her. Lorelai and Rory have the most phenomenal mother-daughter relationship, one that we would all be lucky to experience. We’d be lucky to even get close. Love your mothers, because no one will love you like she will.