Barcelona, Spain: The Perfect 6-Day Itinerary

Barcelona is a city that very quickly earned my heart. From the wonderful food and cocktails hidden in the winding streets of the Gothic Quarter to the beautiful beaches and unbelievable Cathedrals, there is something for everyone in Barcelona. If you’re visiting soon, or want to, use this Barcelona itinerary for your trip or to help you plan your own!

Day 1 – Arrival

Take the Aerobus from the airport to the city center (the cheapest option) and then familiarize yourself with the area. We stayed in the Gothic quarter and loved it! There are a lot of really great options for food around there, and it’s only a 15-20 minute walk from the beach.

Take a stroll to the Parc de la Ciutadella and see Barcelona’s own Arc de Triunfo.

Day 2

Visit Catedral de Barcelona – This gothic church is stunning and a total must for your Barcelona itinerary! Even just the facade on the exterior is amazing. Inside, it’s just as amazing. I definitely recommend getting the audioguide (only 4 euro). If you bring your own headphones, it’s easy to share with a partner. After seeing the interior of the church, you can go up to view the tower up close and get a view of the city. You can also see the courtyard with the 13 geese that are the “protectors” of the cathedral on your way out. The line here gets very long, so make sure to buy your ticket in advance!

Platja Barceloneta – Once you’re done visiting the Cathedral, have a quick and light lunch, and head to the beach! This is one of the most popular beaches in Barcelona, but don’t worry – you’ll still be able to find a spot to sit. The beach should definitely be somewhere on your Barcelona itinerary!

Casa Lolea – This was hands down our favorite place we ate at in Barcelona. This is the place I recommend the most for your Barcelona itinerary. Very cute place, but can get crowded in the evenings. We highly recommend the sangria (they have 4 different types of house sangria), the ceviche de pulpo (octopus), the marinated salmon bites, and the risotto de pasta con trufa negra.

Day 3

Beach – Grab some pastries on your way to the beach and enjoy a late breakfast overlooking the water before enjoying the beach.

Ride bikes in the park – In the afternoon, rent a bike and ride through Parc de la Ciutadella. Grab lunch before, or pack a picnic lunch.

Pla de la Garsa – This is a great, slightly nicer restaurant for dinner, but make sure you make a reservation ahead of time! They don’t accept walk-ins. We had their recommended, set menu because it sounded great (and we’re bad at making decisions) and it was great! It did not disappoint!

Day 4

Parc Güell – This is a park designed by Antoni Gaudi, who is quite famous in Barcelona. It’s something that’s often mentioned in sites to see in Barcelona, and while there were definitely some cool bits, it wasn’t quite as exciting as we’d expected. It’s also a little hassle to get there, so if you have other things you’d rather do, this can be skipped. If you go, I recommend wandering a little off the beaten path and just walking through the garden areas.

Beach – Did I mention we love the beach?

Rosa Negra – This is actually a Mexican restaurant, but they have excellent tacos and burritos for a good price! The atmosphere is very young and lively.

Day 5

Beach – We never get enough! If you’ve had enough, however, replace one of these beach days with a sight like the Catalonian Art Museum, The Barcelona History Museum, or even the Maritime Museum!

Picasso museum – this museum has a lot of Picasso works, although not all of his most famous ones, and follows the changes in his work throughout his life. If you’re a fan of Picasso, make a stop by here to see more of his work and learn more about his life.

Day 6

Beach – Once again, feel free to replace this with a museum if that’s more your jam, or go soak up some more sun!

La Sagrada Familia – this is a MUST! Hands down the most expensive site we’ve seen, but definitely worth it. This was also designed by Gaudi and is absolutely stunning! The facade on the outside is incredibly unique and the inside is equally fascinating. Try to go as close to sunset as you can to see the beautiful light streaming through the stained glass. If you aren’t too afraid of heights, you can also climb one of the towers. We went up to the Passion Facade tower and got a great view of the city. It is very tight though, and a lot of steps, so make sure it’s a good decision for you! Even if you don’t do this, just seeing the inside will leave you in awe.


Take the Aerobus back to the airport if that’s how you got into the city. Make sure to take a moment to say goodbye to this beautiful city.

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