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Why You Should Be Learning A Foreign Language

Many American high schools and colleges require at least 2 years of study in a foreign language. Despite this, American’s generally fall behind other countries in proficiency in non-English languages. Before electing to not sign up for that French or German class, consider the benefits of learning a second or third language. Improved Multi-tasking People… Read More Why You Should Be Learning A Foreign Language

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Applying to College: Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Admission?

When your senior year comes, you have several different options for how you want to approach applying for college. Besides just the schools themselves, you can choose from up to three different application programs. Not all schools may offer all three (about 450 colleges in the U.S. offer Early Decision or Early Action programs,) but… Read More Applying to College: Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Admission?

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When applying to any college directly out of high school, you will need an SAT and/or ACT score report. Most schools accept either, but some schools prefer one or have certain requirements such as SAT subject tests. Use this guide to help you decide which is best for you, but don’t forget to check with… Read More SAT vs. ACT

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Building a College List

College is an opportunity for change, a chance to start over. Your academic record starts all over, as does your personal and social record. Unless you are infinitely satisfied with your life the way it is, I suggest taking this opportunity to make some changes as you begin considering where you might like to find… Read More Building a College List

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Where Do I Start?

In my case, watching Gilmore Girls with my mom had me motivated to go to Harvard at age nine. Even as I got older, and realized that there was more than Harvard (and that they have a 5% acceptance rate), I was still focused on college. I began reading things online and finding information about… Read More Where Do I Start?