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Why the College You Attend Does Not Validate You as a Person

Repeat after me.

It does not matter what college I go to.

College does not have the power to validate me as a person.



Senior year is one long, obnoxious, drawn-out conversation about college: where everyone is applying, where they got in, where they really want to go, where they can afford to go, and where they’re actually ending up.

Next year, I will have friends in our local community college, as well as friends attending schools such as Duke, Georgia Tech, Emory, and other prestigious schools. All are valid options. Yes, some people might attend community college because they were lazy in high school, but some people only attend Ivy League’s because mommy and daddy have lots of dolla dolla bills. Individual people have different desires in life and different capabilities and opportunities. Future shaming needs to die!!!

Different schools are right for different people based on their personalities, their career plans, their interests, and their financial capabilities. I made the decision not to apply to Georgia Tech or Emory University in my home state because they are not places I can imagine myself for 4 years. I like larger schools that have lots of different options, and are rigorous but not cut-throat. I don’t want to spend all of college competing. Some people enjoy that environment, I find it suffocating. I like to feel free to do my own thing, and go in my own direction. If all you want is to pay 65,000 a year to be in a cut-throat ivy league environment, go for it! I hope you get in, and I hope you enjoy it. But if you would rather go to a school where you don’t drown in debt and can take more lax classes that you enjoy, even if you could go to a more rigorous school, that’s just as valid of an option. To each his own.

The important thing here, is to be making a decision that is truly right for you and will make you happy. It does not matter what others think of the school you’re attending. If they want to think that they’re too good for it, let them. The same goes for the judgement you pass on others based on their plans for the future. Don’t let people pressure you to make a certain decision, or make you feel bad about the one you made, and make sure that you’re not making anyone else feel that way either. Going to a prestigious school will not make you a good person. It will not even necessarily make you a successful person. No matter what you do, take pride in the life path that you choose, and have faith that it is the best path for you.