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6 Habits to Cultivate This Season

Good habits for the Fall | Lots of Lora
I am a New Year’s Resolution person.

Every year, I make a list (my favorite thing to do) of all the things I’m going to try to improve this year. My success is never properly tracked, and my resolutions are usually long forgotten by summertime. This is why I take the chance to form new habits at any pivotal point in the year, not just at New Years. I especially love working on new habits and routines at the start of a new school semester. This was a big and busy summer for me (6 weeks in Rome, read about it here!), so I’m ready to take the things I’ve learned and dive into working on improving my habits.

Actually USE my planner/bullet journal

Habit #1 seems easy enough. I am FANTASTIC at using planners. At first. I usually draw up my own to satisfy all my planning needs, but I hesitate to call it a bullet journal. I love planning out the exact layout of every page and color coding. I’m always so excited at the beginning. The excitement wears off as I progressively start making less and less to-do lists and get behind on filling in my calendars. I put so much time into curating my planner perfectly, why wouldn’t I use it?!?! That’s a wonderful question. Determined to be the QUEEN of planning this semester. Catch me hustling across campus clutching my multicolored pens, ready to bang out a to-do list at any moment.

Put my clothes away immediately

You know that one chair in your room that is less chair, more permanent clothes pile? Mine is named Henry. We’re quite close. He’s been a very important part of my life for years. But lately things just don’t feel the same. I’m thinking it might be time to end it. I’ve decided to say goodbye to Henry this fall. I have this idea in my head that grown women should not have clothes thrown around their room. They’ll have kids to do that for them someday. Habit #2 is to put my clothes away once I take them off, instead of allowing them to accumulate on my chair while promising myself every day that I’ll put them away tomorrow.

Get up early enough to eat a good breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Or at least that’s what they (Ah, the ever present and unknown they)say. Assuming this isn’t a lie told to us by the government (Seriously, who is they?), I would like to properly ingest my most important meal. Even if a conspiracy theory one day proves that it is, in fact, the least important meal of the day, I will still be an ever loyal breakfast fan. That’s why I’d like to make sure I avoid rushing out the door sans coffee with a granola bar in hand. Breakfast makes me happy! There’s also the importance of you know, nutrition. Here’s to habit #3, and yummy breakfasts.

Spend some time tidying up each week

Seriously, I am sick of my slovenly ways! How’s that for an SAT word?! Putting my clothes away should solve the majority of any clutter I create, but to put the cherry on top, I want to do a quick run-around each week. At the bare minimum, I will put away things I’ve left lying out or not in their rightful place. My hope is to have the time to some better cleaning than that, but if not, at least I have this.

Stick to some form of regular self-care

I’ve specifically chosen not to specify exactly what I’m going to do. I’d love to say I am disciplined enough and manage my time well enough to be able to do yoga daily, meditate, and journal. But I’d be lying if I did. So, being a reasonable human being, I’ve decided to be easy on myself and accept whatever I have time for that makes me feel good. Yoga or meditation? Fantastic! Journaling? Perfect! Pleasure reading? Exemplary! Taking extra time to primp and preen? Wonderful! Laying on my bed and staring at the ceiling? Nothing better! We all know how important self-care is, I don’t need to sell it to you. But I hope you’ll follow my example and start taking your self-care seriously, rather than just liking sappy posts about how other girls have learned to love themselves (don’t worry, I’m right there with you, double-tapping through my tears).

What are some habits you’re ready to work on for the upcoming season? I’d love to hear from you in the comments, in an  email, or on my instagram!