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My Favorite Ways to Layer for Style and Warmth

I belong to a rare subspecies of human known as a homo popsiculus, classified by their extreme susceptibility to cold and inability to produce body heat like a regular homo sapien! My people have adapted by learning the secret to survival – layering.

For years I tried to fight it, insisted that there must be a single sweater or coat out there that will always keep you the perfect temperature. Alas, modern science is not concerned with my struggles. I eventually resigned myself to my fate and soon after realized what a wonderful opportunity I’d been missing this whole time. Layering can be difficult, yes, but it also gives you the ability to create some much more interesting outfits. I learned to embrace the layering and use it as a chance to get creative.

Each outfit addresses a slightly different scenario and shows how I went about making the outfit winter-appropriate, even for someone who is constantly cold from November to March.

The Fitted Dress

Layering with Dresses

My fitted dress happens to be a stiffer, denim, button-up dress, but this can definitely be done with other dresses that you can’t put anything under, or even a skirt. A chunkier, looser sweater works over something with more texture, like a denim dress, as long as it still gives you a shape. To keep my legs warm I threw on some thigh high socks, and tied one of my headbands around my waist, under the sweater, for a little added interest. If it’s colder, I’d recommend throwing a long sleeved shirt under the sweater/dress for another layer of warmth without too much bulk.

Changing Temperatures

This Juliette sweater coat from JCrew is one of my favorite pieces in my closet. It can be worn in so many different situations and climates and gives any outfit a little more polish. I’ll often wear this over a shirt or sweater instead of a coat if I know I’ll be switching temperatures (inside and outside, or drastic changes throughout the day), and will need to remove layers. It also works over a sweater and under a long coat when it’s exceptionally chilly.

The Cropped Sweater

I love cropped sweatshirts and sweaters (despite their impracticality) and always mourn the days when I feel like I’ll freeze my whole reproductive system if I dare to show any skin. This “tissue thin” turtleneck goes perfectly under a cropped sweatshirt for added warmth. I like the black sticking out, especially since the shirt is split on the side, but if you don’t, you can always wear higher waisted pants and tuck a long-sleeved shirt in under the sweatshirt.


I am a big fan of overalls. This black denim jumper dress was part of a recent vintage haul and I have been utterly obsessed with it. I quickly figured out how to keep it in my winter wardrobe. I don’t currently own any stockings or tights, so I threw some plain black leggings on under, and my favorite turtleneck for an all-black look. I’ve also paired the orange sweater from the first look under this since it is looser fitting and can have a bulkier sweater under. Just because it’s cold does not mean your overalls have to go away!

If this inspired you to take a fresh look at your closet, let me know! Or if you have your own ideas that I didn’t mention here, I’d love to see them. Reach out and connect with me on instagram (@lotsoflora).

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  1. Lol so cute and funny my cold little girl. You can get these 360 heat long sleeve shirts from Walmart in a pack of two for $10. Super thin and keep in all the heat

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