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A Finals Survival Guide: How to Crush It This Year

As children, the thought of monsters under our beds used to keep us up at night, trembling with fear, wanting to cry for our mommies. As we matured, so did our monsters, becoming the dreaded season of finals that strikes fear into our very core. The magic fix used to be daddy showing us that the closet was empty, and no one was under the bed. Our new monsters, are not as easy to dispel. Luckily, I’ve got a super simple plan to kick ass this year!


Start by cleaning out all the old papers from your backpack and your desk. Throw away all the unneeded ones and find a place to store the rest, in an organized way. Now that your work area and your mind are clear, you’re ready. Light a candle, super cheesy but nice nonetheless, and get studying!

Studying all the material of an entire semester can be super overwhelming, so I strongly suggest planning out your studying. For those of us that have a block of several days of finals, I suggest getting your studying out of the way before the block starts so you only have to do light review at most on finals days. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the volume of the material, start simple. Create an outline of all the broad topics you need to know.  Once you’ve got a broad outline, start putting in subtopics until you get down to adding specific notes. You’ll have a super organized and straight-forward study guide, and creating it will help you recall the information. With the study guide of main topics, you can then break it up into chunks by topic/unit to make studying even easier.

Last but not least, grab a good book for afterwards and go ace your finals!