How To Have Better Mornings - Become a Morning Person!
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How To Have Better Mornings

School is back in season for most of us, or is starting back up soon, and that means early hours before the sun has risen, lots of coffee, and a whole lot of yawning. I used to be that person that would sleep till 4 in the afternoon, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve found that getting up early is so much better, and I’ve found ways to make it easier and more enjoyable. I follow all of these daily to get a good kick start to my day.


Get up a little earlier

You’re probably thinking, won’t this make me more tired? I know it may seem incredibly counterintuitive, but giving yourself a little extra time in the morning to not be rushing through your morning routine will give you a better start to your day. You’ll feel more relaxed and be better prepared for everything you have that day. You’ll also be less likely to forget something or not get to eat, do your hair, or perfectly wing your eyeliner.

Eat a good breakfast

We’ve all heard this a billion times, but there’s a reason for that. I try to always have something prepared the night before that I can eat or cook something depending on how much time I have. Some mornings I crank out pancakes and a sunny side up egg, and other mornings I’m just quickly warming up something cooked the night before. Either way, actually sitting down and eating a meal will give you more energy for the day and give you more time to wake up before heading out the door (or doing your makeup with one eye closed).

Start moving!

Nobody wants to exercise, or even get out of bed, first thing in the morning. I’m definitely not suggesting waking up at 4:30 and hitting the gym before a long day at school, but some sort of movement first thing in the morning will make such a difference. As soon as I wake up, I do a couple minutes of cycling through a gentle yoga sun salutation. If you don’t actively do yoga, you can always look up a simple sun salutation, or if yoga’s not your thing, you can just do some simple stretching. Any sort of simple loosening up of your body and movement will wake you up. You’ll feel a warmth flow through your body as you start moving, and you will feel noticeably more awake. I promise!

Have a plan

You mornings will go much easier if you have an outfit planned, all your things for the next day in a bag ready to go, and a lunch planned, if not already packed. This can get tedious, and I definitely neglect to prepare everything some nights when I just don’t have any energy left in me, but when you know exactly what to get done in the morning, everything will run more smoothly and efficiently.

Play some tunes

For those of you that live alone, or are the last to get up you can blast some music in your room or home, but for people like me who are the first to wake up, I usually just crank it up in the car. I love to listen to ┬áreally fun throwback music in the morning like Soulja Boy, Destiny’s child, and old Rihanna and JT. It puts me in a great mood and just gets me going. Put together a fun playlist for your mornings and turn it up!


Is there anything specific that gets you going in the morning? Share in the comments!