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Why Touring Schools Is Important


  1. Insider Information

    Many schools offer an information session when you schedule a tour, and if you are going to be on campus anyways, I highly recommend taking advantage of that opportunity. Someone from the faculty, or a current student, will speak to you for usually no more than an hour, and from my experience, you learn things you would have never known just from stalking their website every night. Sometimes, someone who works with financial aid and tuition will also speak and that can be very insightful as well.

  1. The surrounding area

    Unless you plan to never leave your college campus, you might want to know what’s near your college. You can spend a few hours scoping out cool restaurants, stores, parks, or museums near your school if you go there. Doing this can also help give you an idea of whether or not you would like to spend 4 years in this area.

  1. Dorms

    Dorms are important! While they are not the most important factor in your education, it is nice to see where you could potentially be sleeping for 4 years. Different schools offer different housing situations, and different houses have different reputations and knowing those will help you pick the best place to stay for your personality.

  1. Food!

    If your college is not located in a city and is fairly secluded, the on-campus dining is especially important! On a tour, you usually walk through the dining hall and get to see the type of food served, as well as the seating situation. Sadly, you do not get to eat the food.

  1. You meet a real-life student

    Hearing about the environment of a school and an actual student’s specific favorite things about this school can be a very helpful insight. Especially if you do not know anyone who attends this school personally, it can be nice to hear a more personal story along with statistics and prepared presentations.

  1. You can ask questions

    While Google is a very good friend to many of us, it is not all knowing. Google does not have first-hand experience or any sort of a personality. Prepare some questions before your tour, because you may not get this opportunity again!

  1. You get to feel out the vibes

    Sometimes, a school sounds great on paper but when you get there you realize that you could not see yourself living there. That’s something you wouldn’t have figured out from your couch at home. Not everyone feels *~hippy dippy vibes~*, but you can usually tell when a place does not feel right for you.

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