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My Favorite French Words and Phrases – Learn French!

I am currently an AP French student, hoping to share some of my knowledge about the French language that I have learned and will continue to learn as I perfect my French. If you are just as eager as I always was to learn French, or any language really, stay tuned for a whole series of basic French lessons based around vocabulary, pronunciation, and basic grammar. If you’re not as into language learning, check out this article on why you should be studying a foreign language! In the meantime, enjoy the awesome French words and phrases below 🙂

The French are known for their wines, their cheeses, their desserts, and their beautiful language. French is considered one of the most romantic languages on the planet, and for good reason. Even saying simple French words like “grapefruit” sounds beautiful and elegant when pronounced correctly. For those of you who share my love for the French language, here are some of my favorite French words and phrases.

My Favorite French Words and Phrases - Learn French!

Jeter des fleurs à quelqu’un 

Translated as “to praise or compliment”, but literally means “to throw flowers at someone.”

Pronounced jh-et-ey day fl-air ah kel-kun

Avoir le coeur sur la main

Translated as “to be generous”, literally means “to have the heart in the hand”

Pronounced ahv-wahr luh kehr sur (long soft s like snake) la ma

Ça saute aux yeux

Translated as “it’s obvious”, literally means “it jumps to the eyes”

Pronounced sa sow-t oh-z  yuh


Means “lacking credibility”

Pronounced abra-ca-dab-ron-tes-k

 Monsieur Untel/ Madame Unetelle

Means “Mr. So-and-so and Ms. So-and-so”

Pronounced Mon-suhr Uhn-tel/ Ma-dam Oon-tel


Means “anthology”

Pronounced Floor-i-lehge


Means “ginger” (like the plant)

Pronounced jahn-jom-bruh (the n is nasal and pretty much silent)


Means “unforgettable”

Pronounced In-oo-blee-ahb-luh


Means “grapefruit”

Pronounced pahmp-luh-moose


Means “umbrella”

Pronounced par-a-ploo-ie


If you know any fun French words or phrases, share them in the comments!

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