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Travel Essentials: What I Wear + What’s In My Bag

Travel is STRESSFUL. From overpacking to forgetting important items, traffic, confusing signs, foreign languages, dirty bathrooms, delayed flights and the flights themselves, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. In the end, the excitement of being in a new place (or back in a familiar one) is worth the stress. All of the beautiful things you’ll see […]

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My Favorite Ways to Get Fit - WITHOUT the Gym

My Favorite Ways to Get Fit – Without the Gym

For people who don’t have a gym membership, staying in shape can be tough. I don’t mean staying “skinny” – I mean having a bad ass strong bod regardless of your shape or size. Fit is fit. Even if you have a gym membership, regular exercise routines surrounded by strangers and intimidating equipment can get […]

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Why I’ve Been Having Trouble Blogging

When I started my blog, I started pinning articles giving instructions on how you should be writing blog posts, how you should be setting up your blog, what kind of content you should be writing about, the way you should be writing, why you have to use social media, and the best way to “get […]

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Essential French Phrases - Learn French

Essential French Phrases – Learn French!

French is a complicated language, but that doesn’t mean every lesson has to be difficult from the get-go. So this French lesson is keeping it simple by introducing you to the most essential phrases to know. Even with very limited familiarity with the language, you could survive with these phrases. If you’re going to be traveling […]

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8 Life Lessons Learned From Gilmore Girls

Lorelai and Rory have definitively been the most iconic mother-daughter duo to grace a television set since their October 2000 debut in Gilmore Girls. Through fast-paced, witty conversation, these two caught the hearts of their audience and have become an intrinsic and beloved part of many homes and mother-daughter relationships, such as my own. Here […]

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How To Have Better Mornings - Become a Morning Person!

How To Have Better Mornings

School is back in season for most of us, or is starting back up soon, and that means early hours before the sun has risen, lots of coffee, and a whole lot of yawning. I used to be that person that would sleep till 4 in the afternoon, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve found […]

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