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January Reflections

January is finally over! Here are all the things I loved this month and my thoughts as the month comes to a close and we begin February! Let’s get the ball rolling with my most worn outfit this month!

winter coats, sweaters, sock boots

Hooray for long coats!! This one has quickly become my favorite because of its unusual color, more boxy fit, and unusual lapels. A classic coat is a perfect way to add a little bit of sophistication and polish to an otherwise simple winter look. It can go with pants or skirts, heels or sneakers, and usually has room for layering underneath to really keep you toasty on the colder winter days.

comfy and cozy sweatere
simple, cozy sweater

I love a big, comfy sweater. This one has really been my go-to on these colder days because of its more neutral color. It’s a turtleneck for people who hate turtlenecks. You won’t feel like you’re suffocating in this one!

green coat, lapel pin, sweater, details

If you watched my instagram story last weekend, you saw this gorgeous golden pin make an appearance in my vintage haul. I’ve been absolutely loving the whimsical touch she adds to a more standard outfit.

coat, sweater, pin, gold, acessorize
pink suede, sock boots

Last but not least, I threw these lovely pink sock booties into this outfit for a little extra color. I love anything pink so these were a very exciting addition to my closet, and this outfit!

Highlights of this Month…

I received Boy Brow from Glossier for Christmas this year, and WOW! That just about sums it up. Boy Brow has definitely been my most used product this month. I don’t have very thin or very thick eyebrows – my brow routine consists of plucking a few stray hairs and adding a little shape, mainly in the front. After a few days of Boy Brow, I threw away my eyebrow pencil. The eyebrow pencil that I’ve consistently been buying and using for three years. It is a little small so I’m worried about how fast it might run out, but otherwise very satisfied.

I’ve been loving this overnight oats recipe for the past month. I love big breakfasts with french toast, grits, eggs, and pancakes, so finding quick breakfasts that fill and satisfy me is pretty hard! It’s been absolutely necessary with my class schedule this semester and these are perfect! Yummy (I love topping mine w strawberries and bananas) and filling! The only real downside is how much almond milk I go through!

Lastly, my soundtrack of the month has most definitely been anything and everything Queen. I’m still riding a high from Bohemian Rhapsody and will shamelessly plug that movie until the day I die!!!! In my house growing up, Freddie Mercury was Jesus, and Queen was the bible. Queen’s music is always on a pretty heavy rotation, but it’s really been the shining star this month. If you haven’t seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet, you MUST! Rami Malek is an absolute king, and I can almost guarantee you’ll have a religious experience (complete with chills and many tears) while watching this movie.

What Went Well in January…

This month has been a great month of steps. Things definitely haven’t gotten exactly how I planned (do they ever?), but I’ve felt like I’m heading in a positive direction. I didn’t set any specific goals for the new year but instead had a general intention to be more observant and conscious of my behavior. When I notice certain patterns or habits that are beneficial or problematic, I start making minor adjustments in my schedule/approach in order to prevent or promote certain behavior. Sometimes, giving myself one day to completely rest and be unproductive (which I usually feel guilty about doing), makes me much more productive later in the week. Learning to listen to my body and its needs is a focus of mine this year!

While I’ve been taking steps related to my self-care, I’ve also been taking some more concrete steps for the future that I’m really excited about! My boyfriend and I finally got all of our AirBnB’s booked for our Europe trip this summer which is a BIG and super exciting step closer to the reality. Also finally signed the lease on the apartment we’ve been looking at. It’s nothing fancy, but it will be our first without other roommates. I’m already planning what plants I’m gonna buy 🙂

I’ve also really been loving my classes so far this semester! French Literature, Creative Writing, and Creativity and The Design Process are my favorites so far. I’m learning to see and understand things in a different way. Absolutely cannot wait to see the difference it makes by the end of the semester!

Hopes and Intentions for February…

Next month, I’d really like to be more active. My class schedule this semester is making it a little more difficult. I’m definitely not a “gym everyday” kind of person (and doubt I ever will be), but I am a “healthy body, healthy mind” kind of person. Because of inconsistencies in my schedule, I don’t think I want to set any specific goals right now related to fitness besides getting my body moving more. If I can successfully get myself in the gym a few times a week, that’s a win. Once that’s consistent, I can focus on something more specific.

Another thing I’d LOVE to do is journal more. Reflect more. I’m currently reading Lily Pebbles’ The F Word, which is all about being a good friend and the different types of friendships, and definitely has me reflecting. A lot of my past journaling has been focused on me, and how I feel. Sure, that can make me feel better when I’m going through something, and is definitely necessary, but I think I’d like to start being more intentional with the relationships in my life and the way I act as well. Reflecting on your thoughts and actions and the thoughts and actions of those around you can really better your relationships. Big or small things. Being aware of your behavior is the first step to changing it.

Here’s to a wonderful February!

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