Travel Essentials For a Perfect Trip

Traveling is one of my favorite things in the whole world and it can be amazing, fabulous, fascinating and so many other things – including uncomfortable and stressful. In order to make it as smooth and unproblematic as possible, I’ve figured some travel essentials that help make travel a little easier. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or getting on your first flight, these are all great items to bring with you on your next trip!

Good shoes

If you actually plan on seeing the cities you visit, you’re definitely going to be doing a good bit of walking. So, if nothing else, a good pair of shoes should be part of everybody’s travel essentials! Sneakers are great, but if you’re traveling in peak heat season, you’re likely going to want an open-toed option.

Some people swear by Chacos and other similar shoes, but I am just not a fan. Obviously, if you are doing more wilderness and nature-focused travel, those types of shoes are probably better than cute sandals. For city travel, you can usually find a combination of cute and comfy. I’m not a super casual dresser, so I prefer shoes that are comfortable and match my style. If you’re like me, these cloudfeel sandals from Cole Haan are a great option! They’re not super cheap, but if you can get them on sale, they’re 100% worth it. I wear them almost every day in the summer, even when I’m not traveling. I have the light pink ones – they’re the perfect shade of pink to go with different skin tones and different colors you might wear.

For everything that I packed (in only a carry on!) for SIX weeks traveling in Europe, check out this blog post!

Compression Socks

Plenty of people recommend these for long flights where you’re sitting in a cramped space for a long time. They help to keep your blood circulating and prevent blood clots. I’ve definitely flow without them and lived, but they definitely don’t hurt to have!

Packing cubes

These are game changers! Perfect travel essentials for any kind of travel you’re doing, but especially if you’re trying to pack light for a long trip! Being able to separate and organize everything makes your packing more efficient and organized. It also somehow makes it easier to pack more because the clothes are contained and can’t expand. There are tons of different options for packing cubes in different sizes and colors to fit your preferences and needs.

Bar soap

This may seem like a strange one. However, because of TSA restrictions, bar soap is definitely part of my travel essentials. If you are staying in one place for a long time, or only traveling for a short time, you can definitely get away with a mini shampoo bottle or buying a bottle once you get there. Bar soap is ideal if you are going to be traveling between cities frequently over a longer period of time (one month+). Shampoo bars have become a part of my regular beauty routine and I haven’t wanted to go back to liquid since!


This one depends on the individual person and where you’re traveling, but can be super helpful. If you are traveling to an area that has water that is not potable or a region that is just very different from your home, probiotics are a great idea to take along. Even in cities where most people don’t have trouble, if you have a sensitive stomach, probiotics can still help you adjust to a different cuisine. Digestive Advantage is a great brand for probiotics and will ensure that your travels aren’t interrupted by stomach discomfort. Even if you are taking probiotics, still be careful about what you ingest and listen to warnings and advice from experts!


Ah, my sweet friend – Melatonin. As a college student that bartends on weekends, melatonin gummies are my best friend. I am never without them. They’re also great for travel if you are crossing time zones -no one likes jet lag! Taking a few with you for the first couple of nights until you adjust will help you avoid sleepless nights and exhausting days. If you have trouble sleeping on airplanes, you might also consider popping one if you have a really long overseas flight. They’re all natural and just promote your natural melatonin (your body makes this every day!) so you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting drugged up. At the very worst, you might be a little groggy getting off the plane.

Eye Mask

Whether or not you need Melatonin in order to sleep on planes, you’ll want a good eye mask to help you block out the world and get quality Zzz’s. Depending on where you’re staying, you may end up also needing an eye mask in your hotel or Air Bnb.

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