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Travel Essentials: What I Wear + What’s In My Bag

Travel is STRESSFUL. From overpacking to forgetting important items, traffic, confusing signs, foreign languages, dirty bathrooms, delayed flights and the flights themselves, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. In the end, the excitement of being in a new place (or back in a familiar one) is worth the stress. All of the beautiful things you’ll see and the enriching experiences you’ll have make it worth while. But before you get to that, there is some stress to deal with!

For me, visiting my family in Bulgaria requires one nine or ten hour flight and a second three hour flight. This year we flew out from Miami, so we started with a four hour drive from the beach to the airport. After two hours of waiting, we flew to Paris on a nine hour flight. We had a little under an hour in the Paris airport which was enough time for me to buy some macarons (yum!) before flying for almost 3 hours to Sofia. The whole trip ended in an almost two hour car ride from the airport in Sofia to my birth city, Plovdiv. It was EXHAUSTING, to say the least.

The Outfit

Most people wouldn’t consider jeans their go-to “comfy” pants for travel, but these jeans from Gap are the BEST. They have a slightly more relaxed fit which I like – I’m not much of a jegging kinda girl, but at the same time, they don’t hide your figure. I’m not the kind to travel in my old sweats and a baggy sweatshirt. I like to look nice but still be comfortable enough to (hopefully) sleep.

For this trip, I just threw on a black t-shirt with my black jean jacket on top. As a more cold natured person, I definitely live by the idea that layering is key. For a little added warmth, I wrapped this extremely light wool scarf loosely around my neck. These kinds of scarves are the best because of how light they look and feel, while still warming you.

Travel Outfit

I decided to wear these closed-toed slip ons from Rocket Dog. This way, my feet wouldn’t get cold, but I could still easily get them off. The final addition to my outfit was my hat, which I only wore out of fear of it getting bent out of shape in the luggage.

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In The Bag

Besides a carry on suitcase, I always travel with a large tote style bag. I keep all of these things in it for easy convenience.

Airplanes and airports are dirty. Simple fact. For before meals on airplanes, after going to the restroom, or any time I feel it’s necessary, I carry antibacterial hand wipes (multiple packs) and hand sanitizer. ALWAYS.

Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

Some airlines offer sleeping masks for longer flights, but I always bring my own just in case. I love this one because it truly blocks out ALL light. It has a natural convex shape so it doesn’t press directly against your eyes and it’s adjustable! The convex shape is perfect for if you wear makeup on flights.

Eye Mask
Now it may seem overkill to bring two pairs of headphones, but I always end up using both. The first pair are my bluetooth headphones that I usually put in when I’m going to sleep. Bluetooth headphones are great, until they run out of battery and have to be charged. That’s why I have my Urbanears, which I usually use to watch movies or listen to music.


This super powerful external battery from Anker can charge three devices at once, and it lasts much longer than the average external battery before needing to recharge. It’s larger and heavier than the single device chargers, but definitely worth it if you’re traveling for a longer time, or with other people.

External Battery

The final thing I always have on a flight with me is chapstick. Since the air in airplanes is especially dry, I always end up needing it. Burt’s Bees is my personal favorite, and the new tinted ones are great for travel. Hydrating, and they look great!

What are your travel essentials?