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Traveling Essentials: Game Changing Discoveries

In my lifetime, I have boarded roughly 30 different flights.

Give or take a few. While I may not have been instrumental in packing for all of them (one year old me was not very helpful), I have discovered a few items over the years that have really upped my travel game. Even if you’re not traveling by airplane, a lot of these will come in handy!

Himawari Backpack

A backpack for traveling is far from revolutionary, I know. But, the kind of backpack you choose is very important! My vanity shows when I travel and still insist on looking nice, so a cute backpack was non-negotiable for me. Originally, I considered one of the Fjallraven backpacks from Urban Outfitters, but after some research, I found a better alternative.

Himaware Backpack interior

This Himawari backpack is not only cheaper, it is water-resistant, and supposedly more durable than Fjallraven backpacks, according to reviews. It features two outside vertical pockets, with inside counterparts, a front pouch, a laptop sleeve and several different pockets inside. I got it in a dusty pink/grey and it’s still clean despite being set on the ground in archaeological sites on many occasions. In the photos above, it is unwashed after 7 weeks of continuous use abroad. Not only is it comfortable and cute, it’s much larger than it looks. The inside space expands considerably to fit everything you need!

Besides finding a good travel bag, for years I struggled with taming my skin during travel.

Especially when I was in high school, my skin would go berserk every time I left the country. I have tried SO many products and only this summer did I find products that not only worked, but were easy to pack.

Skincare essentials for flying

I discovered this Yes to Tomatoes 2-in-1 cleanser and scrub stick that has completely changed my life. Besides the fact that it works great, it won’t spill! Genius! The exfoliating texture is really great for getting all the gunk off your face after a long flight.

The same brand also has “blemish clearing facial wipes.” The intention of these is to give you a way to clean your entire face without access to face wash. They’re not intended for just makeup removal. These STAY in my carry on backpack.

While I could live without my tonic for after I wash my face at night, I was thrilled to find a “to-go” version of Pixi’s Glow Tonic at Target! These pads lasted me all six weeks in Italy, and I still have some left! I am a huge fan of Pixi’s Glow Tonic and would absolutely recommend it even if you’re not traveling.

If you’re like me, traveling makes my combination skin get oily sometimes. To keep myself shine-free, I always throw some blotting papers into my bag before I head out. Lifesaver!

Last, but not least, always travel abroad with probiotics and a sleep mask!

Probiotics are essential when traveling to countries that have issues with clean water, but it can be helpful in any foreign country. Probiotics help your body adjust to new bacteria it is introduced to through food or water to prevent sickness. Even if your country has safe water, probiotics can help your body adjust to the new bacteria and help with breakouts. Your body reacts to exposure to new bacteria, even if it’s not by getting sick.  Often times, it reacts with a face full of zits. Lovely! Minimize these effects with a daily dose of probiotics!

Especially if you’re going on a long flight, a sleep mask will be your best friend. Any sleep mask will do, but I prefer a molded one that doesn’t put pressure on your eyelids. I’ve also found that this kind of mask blocks out light better. This mask is perfect for me. It’s like a complete blackout and it’s very rare that I don’t knockout as soon as I put this on.

Do you have any traveling essentials? Share your lifesavers with me!