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Why I’ve Been Having Trouble Blogging

When I started my blog, I started pinning articles giving instructions on how you should be writing blog posts, how you should be setting up your blog, what kind of content you should be writing about, the way you should be writing, why you have to use social media, and the best way to “get your blog out there.”

Lately, I’ve realized that I absolutely hate all of that. I am tired of social media, I don’t want to think about SEO and how long my sentences are. I LIKE LONG, COMPLICATED SENTENCES. I very often use more than 2o words in a sentence in my writing. My Yoast plug-in tells me that my readability “needs improvement” when I do this. I don’t care. I started this blog because I knew that I enjoyed writing. I love books, art, fashion, and sharing my opinion. I don’t care to do that in the way that every other blogger does it. If you don’t like the length of my sentences, or that I don’t have a picture attached to every post, you don’t have to read my blog! I won’t hate you, I promise! Although, I really would love it if you stuck around; we could become friends, have a cup of coffee, get to know each other. Doesn’t that sound nice? And here’s another thing: I’ll always write in the way that I think, and how I  truly express myself because I won’t be adjusting every sentence I write to fit a standard that some random person decided on!

If you’ve never had a language arts teacher tell you that all grammar is made up, I’m here to let you in on the secret. Is there a definitive person in the universe that is destined to decide grammar rules? No. Depending on which sources you ask, you’ll get different opinions about what is and isn’t okay to do in writing. And lots of the time, authors altogether ignore the grammar rules. It’s called creative license. I’m not writing academic essays for my blog, I’m sharing my thoughts and opinions in the hopes of inspiring others. So I plan to employ creative license and write the way I think – authentically. When I sit down to write my thesis, or a speech, or a novel, I’ll grab my grammar books. Until then, it’s all me, baby.

The pressure I’ve felt to create in a certain way has left me very uninspired with no desire to sit and write for my blog, when it used to be all I thought about when I first started. I am not a person that likes to be put in a box, it stifles my creativity. I am the same way with my art. I have been lucky enough to have an art teacher this year that allows me to explore and try things that were not necessarily part of the project. I have started to develop a real artistic sense of who I am and how I like to create through her class, and I feel a strong desire to do that with my writing as well. My writing here will not be perfect, but it will be a chance for me to explore myself and my inspirations like I originally intended. Here’s to exploration! Cheers!